Exporting and Sharing Spike Files from the Spike App

20 July 2020

What is a Spike file?

Spike files are the native file type for the Spike application.  It can be used to view a capture’s metadata and as well as used to share data collected with the Spike app between multiple users.

What information is contained in a Spike file?

The Spike file is a compressed ZIP file, which contains three Spike photos (JPG without measurement, JPG with measurements and a thumbnail JPG), and an XML file with measurement and location data.

Here is an example Spike file: DOWNLOAD

How do you share a Spike file with another Spike User?

The Spike file can easily be shared between multiple devices or Spike users.
Please read full instructions for sharing Spike files on iOS and Android devices:
Using the Spike File for Sharing

How do you use a Spike file?

Once you’ve exported the Spike file from your Spike app, you can also open the Spike file on your desktop computer to utilize the data in the xml file and photos.

The below instructions will show you how to change the file extension from .spike to a .zip file and utilize the contents.
How to extract and view Spike photos and measurements for a Spike (xml) File

Here is more information about how to read the Spike file xml data:
Spike File and XML Specifications



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