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Tips and Tricks

All the secret tips on using Spike from the people who use it most.

Tips and Tricks

How do I export a scaled image from Spike?


The scaled image is only available for Spike Cloud PRO subscribers.

Follow these steps to export a Scaled Image from your Spike Cloud account:

  • Log into your Spike Cloud account by clicking on the “Customer Login” button at
  • From your Gallery, click on the photo you would like to export the Scaled Image from.
  • Click on the Report tab.
  • Lastly, click on the Download button, and select Scaled Image. The original photo will now download to your computer.

Learn more about scaled images in the document below.

Tips and Tricks

How do I view orientation/location details of a saved photo?


Once you have taken a photo with the Spike app and saved it, you can view the orientation and location details (latitude, longitude, altitude) of the object and your smartphone or tablet. To view the details, go into the photo Gallery in your Spike app, and tap on the photo you want to view. Then tap on Details.

Tips and Tricks

How do I clean Spike safely?


Use a microfiber towel or camera lens cleaning pen, and minimize rubbing. Dust and grit may be blown off. Fingerprints, dust, minor scratches, etc. will have minimal to no impact on laser performance under normal circumstances. Avoid placing Spike in confined spaces with objects that have the potential to scratch the lens.

Tips and Tricks

What are some of the export options from Spike?


All measurements are saved with the photo, and can be exported and shared with your team, colleagues or customers. The Spike app and Spike Cloud allow you to select the export format for your needs.
From the Spike app you can export photos and measurements as a 
JPG, PDFSpike file (XML), or KMZ. Spike files can be shared and edited between devices running the Spike app, and KMZ files can be imported into popular GIS tools, such as Google Earth.
Photos that have been uploaded to the Spike Cloud can be exported as a
PDFJPG (with measurements or image only) or a viewable URL.

Exporting and sharing from the Spike App

Photos can be shared via email or through various installed apps. Once you have taken your photo, completed your measurements, and saved it, go to the photo Gallery, tap on the photo you want to share, and tap the Share icon to start the sharing process. After selecting the file format you wish to share, you will be presented with options for sending the file. Typically you will always be able to share the file by sending it in an email (if email has been configured), but you may also have other options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote. If you are using an iOS device and do not see an option you are expecting, you may need to select ‘More…’ and enable the app’s sharing function.

Tips and Tricks

How do I use the Alignment Rectangle


Using the alignment rectangle is an essential step in order to correct for the position you are standing (angle) or the perspective when you are capturing an image using Spike for photo measurement. Check out some examples and tips in the document below.

Tips and Tricks

Can I use Spike to measure two sides of one object?

Tips and Tricks

Using Spike with ArcGIS Survey123


ikeGPS the makers of Spike have partnered with Esri to integrate with their ArcGIS Survey123 app. 

To ensure proper Spike functionality with ArcGIS Survey123, please refer to the Quick Start Notes, Support Documents, and direct links to the Esri site for Survey123 use.


Quick Start Notes for use of Spike with ArcGIS Survey123

  • An Esri ArcGIS Online subscription or account is required in order to access Survey123.
  • Download the Survey123 app onto your mobile device from the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store.
    For more information see Esri Survey123 Resources: Launch and Downloads
  • Ensure your Spike app is up to date.
  • Bluetooth connect Spike inside Spike app before opening Survey123 app
  • If you are using Spike to collect GPS points be sure to calibrate the compass within the Spike app


Links for Esri and ArcGIS Survey123 


Links to ikeGPS Survey123 Support Documents

  • Sample Spike Survey123 Form in xls format DOWNLOAD for collecting Spike Data
  • How to Collect Spike Data from Survey123

    For further information on using Survey123 and the Spike functionality with your Survey123 forms, please see Esri’s complete technical reference information.

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