What are some of the export options from Spike?

20 July 2020

All measurements are saved with the photo, and can be exported and shared with your team, colleagues or customers. The Spike app and Spike Cloud allow you to select the export format for your needs.
From the Spike app you can export photos and measurements as a 
JPG, PDFSpike file (XML), or KMZ. Spike files can be shared and edited between devices running the Spike app, and KMZ files can be imported into popular GIS tools, such as Google Earth.
Photos that have been uploaded to the Spike Cloud can be exported as a
PDFJPG (with measurements or image only) or a viewable URL.

Exporting and sharing from the Spike App

Photos can be shared via email or through various installed apps. Once you have taken your photo, completed your measurements, and saved it, go to the photo Gallery, tap on the photo you want to share, and tap the Share icon to start the sharing process. After selecting the file format you wish to share, you will be presented with options for sending the file. Typically you will always be able to share the file by sending it in an email (if email has been configured), but you may also have other options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote. If you are using an iOS device and do not see an option you are expecting, you may need to select ‘More…’ and enable the app’s sharing function.


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