5 Ways Spike Speeds Up the Sales Cycle

20 September 2016

In today’s competitive business environment, sales success often depends on taking care of the customer in a timely manner, but working efficiently in the field can be challenging without the right tools. That’s where Spike, a laser measurement solution, can help.

1. Turn around site surveys and estimates in record time.

Whether you’re bidding on a signage project or window film job, conducting site surveys is typically a time-consuming process. You have to lug around a heavy ladder, navigate an awkwardly large bucket truck or guess. In some cases, the survey area isn’t easily accessible, which can also put you behind schedule. Once you’re finally in place to measure, extending the tape measure before it breaks in midair isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Spike, however, simplifies the process, allowing you to finish site surveys in a matter of minutes. You’re now free to turn around more estimates in a day and meet with more potential customers.

2. Share files through the Spike Cloud while working in the field.

Your day may be filled with site surveys, but that doesn’t mean your customers have to wait until you’re back in the office for an estimate. Once you capture your Spike photo, send the file to the Spike Cloud. Your colleagues in the office can then access the measurements to create an estimate or even a design mock-up within hours instead of days.

3. Forget those return trips for additional measurements.

Inevitably, a time will come when you forget to record a measurement, which means you have to either hop back in your car for another site survey or take a guess. That’s just one more delay in the sales process you can’t afford when competition is nipping at your heels. Instead, pull up your Spike photo and make the additional measurements you need right on your smartphone or tablet or Spike Cloud.

4. Weather won’t slow you down.

Conducting a site survey on a perfect day already takes enough time, but throw rain, snow or wind into the mix, and you’re looking at an even longer, more frustrating site survey. And good luck finding a safe spot to plant a ladder on an ice-covered sidewalk in the winter. But adverse weather doesn’t get in the way when using Spike. As long as you can take your Spike photo, you can get the measurements you need.

5. Increase your sales coverage in the field.

If you head to your typical site survey, another co-worker often needs to join. Climbing a ladder by yourself can be dangerous, so rather than finding new prospects or closing current deals, that extra salesperson is stuck holding a ladder. But Spike turns site surveys into a one-person job. You never have to leave the ground, so that extra spotter is unnecessary.

Could your sales process use a productivity boost?

Here’s more information on how Spike can help your sales process run more efficiently in the field.

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