Esri’s ArcNews features Spike’s adoption by Carbon County, Utah’s GIS and Road Departments

5 April 2018

Carbon County, Utah’s use of Spike combined with Collector for ArcGIS for signage inventory was detailed in Esri’s quarterly publication of ArcNews. In the past, it used to take Carbon County’s road team six months to conduct an inventory of 1,500 signs—and it cost the county approximately $50,000 each year.

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After successfully implementing Collector with Spike, the road team was able to collect data on 322 signs per day, which amounts to 1,610 per week. What once cost $50,000 now costs $5,000. That amounts to a staggering 568 percent return on investment (ROI) for Carbon County’s most recent sign inventory.
According to Mellissa Lasslo, a GIS specialist within Carbon County’s GIS department, implementing Collector and Spike together has significantly impacted how the GIS and road departments capture field data. “With this new process combining Collector for ArcGIS with Spike, we have been able to collect, measure, and store our data more efficiently,” said Lasslo. “We have saved time and money. Now we can have multiple people collecting and editing data at the same time.”
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Read the full article from ArcNews here.

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