ikeGPS Announces Integration with SAi and Flexi

13 April 2017

ikeGPS announces a new co-marketing and software integration deal with SA International and its Flexi software, the sign design software used by more the 100,000 end users. This integration allows Spike to offer a more full solution to customers with respect to sign design, and further its presence in the sign and digital graphics industry.
With customers in over 100 countries, SAi is a leader in offering software solutions from design to production for the sign making, digital printing, screen printing and CNC machining industries. SAi also boasts a large network of resellers, with Flexi offered in more than 13 languages.
“We are excited to partner with such a respected player in the sign and digital graphics industry as we work toward making Spike a fuller and fullers solution that specifically addresses the needs of the sign market,” says Glenn Milnes, CEO of ikeGPS. “Our integration with SAi’s Flexi is a very positive step in expanding Spike’s reach within the market.”
The new integration allows Flexi users to select a scaled image from the Spike Cloud and import it directly into Flexi design software. The 1:1 scaled image removes several steps from the design process, enabling sign shops to much more quickly turnaround work estimates with design renderings.
“Spike is a very useful tool for the sign and digital graphics industry,” says Dean Derhak, Director of Product Marketing at SAi. “With this new integration with Flexi software, sign shops can complete job estimations faster and design-to-scale more easily in Flexi.”
Spike allows sign and digital graphics professionals to quickly and safely capture measurements for estimates of signage locations from a smartphone or tablet picture and the Spike device. A ladder, bucket truck and tape measure are no longer required to conduct site surveys and create estimates & designs, saving sign companies time and overhead costs on a traditionally lengthy process.
The measurements of the sign or graphic location are saved with the Spike photo and can be shared with customers, designers or production team to create job estimates and design proofs, assess installation and complete permit applications. If additional measurements are needed, users can refer to their saved Spike photos at any time to make modifications using the Spike mobile app or Spike Cloud. There’s no need to return to the site for further measurements or estimates.
ikeGPS and SAi will announce the new integration to the sign and digital graphics industry at the International Sign Association Sign Expo in Las Vegas April 20-22, where Spike was last year awarded 2016 Product of the Year for the industry. For more information on how Spike is changing the way measurements and assets are captured and managed, visit https://spike.ikegps.com/

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