ikeGPS Announces New Feature Updates to Spike

20 April 2016

ikeGPS announces that it has introduced new hardware, new measurement capabilities and language support for Spike, a laser measurement solution, to give users greater measuring flexibility.

Spike now comes in two different models, replacing the original hardware. Users can choose between Spike’s new clamped-based model that attaches to a smartphone or the tablet case-mountable model. This allows users to choose the device that best meets their needs. Images of the new hardware options can be found at www.ikegps.com/spike/.

In addition, the Spike app for Android and iOS now offers the Point-to-Point Measurement tool, which allows users to measure the distance between two different points or objects. For example, Spike’s Point-to-Point Measurement tool can be used to determine the clearance between a building and landscaping, the height of a light or flag pole, the appropriate-size ladder to reach a roof line, property easements, vertical or horizontal road clearances, and the height of a pylon sign or billboard. Using Spike’s Point-to-Point Measurement tool is as simple as snapping two photos of different objects.

“We’re especially excited about this new measurement tool because it allows us to better serve multiple markets, including signage, real estate, insurance and construction,” says Jeff Ross, chief marketing officer of ikeGPS. “We’re already receiving positive feedback from our current users about how the Point-to-Point tool gives them more flexibility in capturing the measurements they need.”

The Spike Cloud was first introduced in September 2015. With more than 2,000 sign shops now using Spike, the Spike Cloud has also become an integral part of the overall Spike solution. Through the Spike Cloud, users can upload their Spike photos to ikeGPS’ online-based software platform. Users can then view, edit, measure and download their Spike photos using an internet browser and a desktop computer. Once users capture their required measurements, they can save photos, generate reports for permit applications, and share their reports with colleagues and clients.

Additionally, Spike now offers a full suite of language support for the Spike app and Spike Cloud. Previously, Spike only supported English, but ikeGPS added 14 different languages to match Spike’s growing global market share. Spike now supports Danish, Deutsch (German), Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch (Netherlands), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

Spike will be on display at the ISA International Sign Expo, which recently named Spike Best in Show of its Innovation Award. Attendees can visit ikeGPS at booth 1352 April 21-23 to demo Spike’s new features and receive on-site training. Spike is also available for purchase online or through an authorized reseller.

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