ikeGPS Announces Spike Distribution Agreement With Blue Rhine

18 August 2016

ikeGPS announces a new distribution agreement with Dubai-based Blue Rhine to bring Spike, a laser measurement solution, to the sign and digital graphics market in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council region.
With 10 branches throughout the region, Blue Rhine is one of the area’s major sign and digital graphics distributors. In addition to manufacturing its own line of branded supplies, Blue Rhine offers a large selection of products for a variety of applications. Some of the brands in Blue Rhine’s product line include Plexiglas from Evonik, Lexan, Neschen, Aslan, Avery and Tridonic.
“Blue Rhine is one of the top distributors in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and it’s exciting to work with such a strong partner,” says Jeff Ross, senior vice president of new market development at ikeGPS. “Spike has already helped so many sign shops around the world work more efficiently, and we’re pleased to help Blue Rhine customers replicate this success.”
Spike allows sign and digital graphics professionals to quickly capture measurements for estimates of the width, height and area of signage locations from a smartphone or tablet picture and the Spike device. A ladder, bucket truck and tape measure are no longer required to conduct site surveys and create estimates, saving sign companies time and overhead costs on a traditionally lengthy process.
The measurements of the sign or graphic location are saved with the Spike photo and can be shared with customers, designers or production team to create job estimates and design proofs, assess installation and complete permit applications. If additional measurements are needed, users can refer to their saved Spike photos at any time to make modifications using the Spike mobile app or Spike Cloud. There’s no need to return to the site for further measurements or estimations. Additionally, Spike offers language support for Spanish.
“As part of Blue Rhine’s mission, we are committed to bringing our customers high-quality, innovative products that can help them better run their businesses,” says Ramakrishna Maturi, director of product management for Blue Rhine. “With Spike, our customers can reduce the time they spend in the field and focus on closing more sales. Spike is a great solution for running a more efficient and cost-effective sign shop.”
To learn more about how Spike can streamline the estimation process and schedule an in-person demo, contact Blue Rhine at www.bluerhine.com.

About Blue Rhine

Blue Rhine is a leading distributor and manufacturer of innovative and value added solutions for the advertising, signage and construction industry. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Dubai, we conduct business in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Indian sub-continent and Africa with a workforce of 150 employees.

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