JMP&P Adopts Spike for Signage Permitting in Brazil

20 June 2016

In some countries, a sign shop must first receive a permit from the government before installing a sign. This permit dictates the sign’s size and placement. However, some Brazilian sign shops have fabricated and installed signs larger than what the permit allows, and it’s become a compliance problem. To solve this compliance issue, the local Brazilian government tasked JMP&P, a real estate consulting firm in Salvador, Brazil, with creating a solution for ensuring the local signs comply with permitting requirements.

JMP&P got to work and created Inspectax, a software system that city officials can use to assess signage, and one of the key components of Inspectax is its integration with Spike, a laser measurement solution for conducting signage site surveys and estimating dimensions. The Inspectax solution is designed to record, manage and review various types of signs and advertising to ensure compliance with the laws established by local governments. By integrating with Spike, Inspectax speeds up the auditing process and creates a unique solution for the Brazilian market.

Through the Inspectax software and Spike device, city officials can measure signs by taking a photo with Spike and a smartphone or tablet. Inspectax then saves those measurements, and officials can compare the dimensions of the installed sign with those from the original permit.

“There’s nothing else like Spike on the market, and it helps our users easily capture more accurate measurements for compliance surveys,” says Francisco Javier, CEO of JMP&P. “Before we integrated Spike with Inspectax, city officials would have to guesstimate signage dimension, but Spike eliminates the inaccuracies that come with that method and makes local governments more efficient.”

For ikeGPS, this partnership with JMP&P represents its first integration partnership that focuses on sign coding and local government compliance.
“We’re excited to branch into a new area of signage and work with such an innovative company,” says Jeff Ross, senior vice president of new market development at ikeGPS. “Spike is not only a great solution for sign shops but also for government organizations that process and validate sign permits.”

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