Laser Measuring Guide

22 June 2021

Laser Measuring Guide

Laser Measuring Guide

Accurate measurements are a necessity for various industries. From surveying and construction to design and mapmaking operations, being able to take precise measurements quickly is a valuable capability.

While traditional measuring tools like tape measures offer a familiar and reliable measuring resource, these tools can be difficult to use in larger applications and often require multiple people to get optimal readings. The tape measure also needs to be adjusted and moved for every measurement taken, adding to the time investment required. These pitfalls have led to professionals exploring alternative measuring options that are faster, easier and safer. Laser measuring tools have emerged as a solution.

Laser measuring tools are becoming increasingly popular solutions to meet measuring needs across a range of industries. Fast, accurate and reliable, laser measuring offers immense benefits to users, and Spike laser measuring solutions add to these advantages with improved usability and versatility. Learn how laser measuring works, its benefits and how Spike takes laser measurement to the next level.

what is laser measuring?

What Is Laser Measuring?

Laser measuring tools are a relatively new measuring technology. These tools, as the name suggests, use lasers for the purpose of measurement. These tools do not make complete physical contact with the object that needs to be measured. Instead, the laser measure uses a beam of light directed at the object’s surface to determine the distance between the device and the object.

Spike is a unique laser measuring tool that takes this basic concept to the next level. The Spike tool is a smartphone or tablet attachment that pairs with a smart device using Bluetooth and a dedicated app. The tool then takes a laser measurement that can be paired with other data from your smartphone to provide detailed measuring data with a few taps of the screen.

How Does a Laser Measure Work?

Measuring tools that use laser technology calculate distances using the speed of light. The laser measurement tool does this by measuring the time it takes for a reflection to return after a laser pulse is sent out. Because the speed of light is constant, this time measurement can then be used to accurately measure the distance between the laser measurement tool and a target.

So what does this look like in the field? For typical laser-guided measuring tapes, the device is placed on one end of the space you want to measure and aimed at the other end, similarly to how you use a conventional tape measure. Once the device is placed, the user presses a button to turn on the laser and take the measurement, which will display on the screen with a digital readout.

That is how a generic laser measure works — now here is how Spike works!

Spike is a laser measurement attachment that pairs with your smart device using Bluetooth and an app. The attachment then takes a measurement and pairs it with your device’s camera, GPS, compass and connection to the internet to capture data about your position and the position of your target object. All of this can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Attach: Attach the Spike laser measuring tool to your smartphone or tablet and download the Spike app.
  2. Photograph: Snap a picture of your target object and put it into the gallery of the Spike app.
  3. Measure: Select points on the picture in the app that you want to measure. The Spike app will use all the data it captured to provide an accurate measurement between the points you selected.

are laser measures worth it?

Are Laser Measures Worth It?

Due to the level of technology involved, laser measures have higher upfront costs than traditional tape measures. But laser measures present an excellent return on investment (ROI) for users compared to traditional measuring tools. Some of the biggest advantages of laser-guided measuring tools include:

  • Accuracy: Laser distance meters are highly accurate devices. This accuracy is due to the close calculations involved and the straightness of the line measured — while tape measures can sag or bend, lasers are always a straight shot.
  • Easy-to-read displays: Laser measures present a digital display for the measurements they collect, which is much easier to read and less likely to be misinterpreted compared to the lines on a tape measure.
  • Speed: Laser measures are faster to use than traditional tape measures. While tape measures can take time to set up, a laser measure takes a nearly instantaneous reading. Additionally, instead of walking around and readjusting the tape measure to take new measurements, a laser measuring tool allows you to take multiple measurements quickly from a single point using Pythagorean calculations. On average, Spike users find that their on-site measurement time is reduced by half after making the switch.
  • Single-user functionality: Unlike tape measures that often require two people to collect a single measurement, laser measuring tools allow for a single user. That functionality can reduce downtime on job sites, as you won’t have to wait for a coworker to help you measure something.
  • Accessibility: Laser tape measures make it easier to measure hard-to-reach and high spaces. Traditional tape measures require users to physically reach these areas to gain an accurate measurement. With laser measurement devices, all you need is a clear line of sight to the target.
  • Safety: Because of the ability of laser measuring tools to measure from a distance, they are invaluable in hazardous environments. Users can measure tall heights or across wet or rocky terrain without navigating or scaling it themselves, improving their on-site safety.

The Spike laser measuring tool offers additional benefits on top of these. Some of the specific advantages of Spike laser measuring include:

  • Reliability: Spike provides an advanced laser measurement experience that provides consistent and dependable results.
  • Simplicity: The Spike interface is easy to install and use, with most users becoming experts within an hour.
  • Storage: The Spike Cloud stores all your past projects in a safe storage space that you can revisit at any time.
  • Professionalism: The Spike system provides professional results in a digital format that you can present to customers during proposals.
  • Versatility: The Spike system can be used on Apple or Android smartphones and tablets and even offers OtterBox-compatible options. The system also integrates with a range of software systems commonly used in measurement applications.

All of these benefits mean users that invest in Spike laser measuring tools can enjoy a full return on investment very quickly. Most users see an ROI within three to five Spike applications.

Are Laser Measures Accurate?

The accuracy of a laser measure tool depends on the original laser pulse returning to the device with little to no disruption. By their nature, laser beams are narrow with high energy. They’re less likely to disperse as they travel through the air, so the return beam is as clear as possible.

With that functionality, laser measures are highly accurate, often providing results that are accurate down to a few millimeters. These results are usually more accurate than traditional tape measures, as these tools can bend or sag over long distances, affecting the measurements.

The laser rangefinder from Spike exemplifies the accuracy of laser measurement devices. The eye-safe laser rangefinder from Spike supports ranges between 6-650 feet or 2-200 meters and is accurate within ± 2 inches or 5 centimeters. As for the associated tools, Spike’s photo measurements are accurate within 1%, and the point-to-point measurement tool is accurate within 3%.

Who Needs a Laser Measure?

Laser measurement tools can be used in a wide variety of industries. Some examples include the following:

  • Engineering: Engineers and construction professionals often use laser distance meters to take measurements for projects, using measurements for 3D modeling and planning.
  • Design: Designers across various industries often use laser distance meters to determine space requirements for projects, especially for exterior design plans and signage.
  • Mapmaking: Mapmakers often use laser measurement tools to create accurate maps of underwater and above-ground spaces.
  • Military: Military operations often use laser distance measurements for surveying, base planning, engineering and even targeting and reconnaissance.
  • Athletics: Athletes also often use laser measures to calculate distance to a specific target. Laser measuring tools are often used in archery, hunting and even golfing.

Spike can be used in all of these applications and more. Spike is used by over 30% of state DOTs for geospatial applications and is used by thousands of signage professionals for developing signs and graphics. Spike laser measures are also used in various commercial field services, from insurance assessments to construction planning and architectural design.

Spike Models

How Can Spike Help My Business?

If your company is interested in using laser-guided measuring tools in your application, Spike is an easy-to-use and accurate solution.

Spike is an award-winning laser beam measurement device that makes it easy to get comprehensive measurements for practically any project. Designed for users in the field, Spike connects to your smartphone or tablet using cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection. It then pairs laser measurements with your phone data and photographs to generate highly accurate measurements. All you need to do is snap a few photographs and select the measurements you want, and the Spike app will do the rest.

On top of Spike’s ease of use, the technology offers a range of features that benefit your operations, including:

  • Multiple models: Several models of Spike devices are available, with options compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. We also offer a specialized model that is designed for use with OtterBox uniVERSE cases.
  • Multi-device support: Need to use Spike on multiple devices? We make it easy with simplified pairing functions. You can pair Spike with multiple devices so you can use it however you need.
  • Separate battery: Spike has its own battery so it won’t drain your smartphone or tablet. As long as you have a charged phone or tablet to connect to and a charged Spike device, you’re ready to start using this solution to collect measurement data.
  • Measurement options: Spike can be set up to take measurements in imperial or metric units, and you can change your preferences at any time.
  • Export versatility: The Spike app allows users to export and share information in various formats, including PDF, URL, JPG, XML and KMZ. If you use the Spike Cloud, you can send the data in PDF, JPG, scaled JPG or URL formats. This versatility allows your team to communicate and share information quickly using the format that works best for your team.
  • Software compatibility: Spike is automatically able to work with your smartphone’s GPS and compass using Bluetooth, but it can also pair with popular industry software. Spike is compatible with ArcGIS Survey123 from Esri, which lets you create, share and analyze survey data. It also works with Autodesk AutoCAD, allowing users to import Spike measurement data to easily produce accurate designs in the software system.

In addition to the Spike laser measurement tool, users also benefit from the Spike Cloud. The Spike Cloud is a web app that downloads on your desktop or PC and can be used to upload, organize and store all the photos you collect on your Spike app.

All Spike users have access to a Basic Plan at no additional cost, which includes all the photo measurement capabilities of the Spike app so you can take measurements on a larger screen. If you are looking for increased capabilities, the Spike Pro Cloud is an optional upgrade available. The Spike Pro Cloud includes premium features on top of the basic capabilities, including image scaling, collaborative features and advanced folder organization.

With all of these benefits and features, Spike presents an affordable solution that delivers a massive return on investment. By improving safety, reducing time investments and enhancing collaborative efforts, Spike saves users money with every use.

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Spike is a modern solution for gathering accurate measurement data quickly. With a smartphone or tablet, a Spike laser, the Spike app and access to the Spike Cloud, users can quickly get the measurements they need for practically any project, regardless of the project’s size or complexity. Trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide, Spike offers a comprehensive, affordable and maintenance-fee-free solution for your measuring needs.

With Spike, you gain improved performance and peace of mind. Spike products are backed by a one-year product warranty to protect your purchase. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, you can return it.

Learn more about Spike laser measuring tools, their compatibility with your organization’s resources and how they can be used in your operations. Explore Spike features today via our FAQ page or connect with our team online for expert advice.

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