Leveraging Technology to Make a Sign Shop More Profitable

23 November 2022

Leveraging Technology to Make a Sign Shop More Profitable

You can find at least one high-quality sign shop in almost every mid-to-large city worldwide, making the signage industry among the most popular and steadiest in the global economy. While some companies struggled to regain traction during the recession at the beginning of the century, the demand for signs remained constant because of increased marketing efforts. Even though many sign companies have minimal employees, they can still generate significant revenue and profit when managed optimally.

Sign shops provide services to a diverse range of customers, from small retail operations to trade show participants to national chain stores, with outdoor signage representing most sales. The sign-making industry remains attractive to entrepreneurs and first-time business owners because the investment to open a shop or buy into a franchise is relatively low compared to many other commercial ventures.

The key to managing a profitable sign shop lies in producing a superior product, maximizing advertising opportunities, setting yourself apart from the competition and utilizing technology to streamline the sign-making process. Continue reading to learn more about sign shop operations and some of the most effective methods to improve profits.

What Does a Sign Business Do?

Sign companies design and fabricate various product types, including engraved, neon, painted, screen-printed and digitally produced sign styles. Product offerings can be as simple as street signs and retail displays or involve more advanced advertising like storefront signs and billboards. Some sign companies even help their customers with measurements and installations.

The more complex the sign, the more expensive the product is, and the higher a company’s profits typically are.

Sign companies can significantly benefit a growing business because they help establish long-term loyal customers through brand promotion. Besides offering custom graphic design solutions, many sign companies have existing templates and designs from which to choose. These businesses can also provide advice on placement and other effective marketing strategies.

Spike Measurement Devices

How to Utilize Technology to Make a Sign Shop More Profitable

Good sign shops succeed because they use technology to operate more accurately and efficiently while offering services that set them apart from the competition. Although marketing is vital to success, word-of-mouth recommendations from existing customers go a long way in generating more business. Additionally, sign shops can showcase their skills and abilities in the products they create, as signs are often visible to a vast audience.

Some other ways to use technology to increase a sign shop’s profits are:

  • Maximizing digital advertising: People still turn to the internet first when seeking services, so establishing a solid web-based presence is vital.
  • Setting yourself apart: Offering services other companies don’t provide promotes loyalty and trust among new and existing customers. Optimizing customer service with software and minimizing turnaround time can be highly beneficial.
  • Improving response times: When you respond to a customer’s needs faster, you’ll increase your sales conversion rates. Arriving at your customer’s location first to furnish a quote often results in a quick sale.
  • Increasing efficiency and accuracy: Measurement devices like Spike let you quickly and efficiently obtain the accurate measurements you need for quotes, design, planning and installation, minimizing the amount of on-site preparation time. Spike also increases efficiency by using data that is shareable across multiple platforms.
  • Streamlining the process: Using the most productive methods to manufacture your signs is critical for reducing overhead costs. These methods might include employing cutting-edge design software and advanced printing technology. More innovative approaches also help eliminate costly mistakes during printing.

Choose Spike for Your Sign Business Today

Spike has become one of the sign industry’s most preferred estimating and measuring solutions. Spike measurement tools offer significant cost savings and pay themselves off quickly by reducing time across the entire sign-making process. Purchase Spike today to increase profits for your sign-making business, and embrace the industry’s leading measuring technology.

Choose Spike for Your Sign Business Today

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