3 Methods to Measure a High Sign

5 August 2021

In the signage field, there are times when measuring a sign can be difficult. Trying to accurately measure a sign you can’t reach is one of those instances. So, how do you measure the exact size of a sign that is high up in the air?

There are many innovative ways to handle this issue, but here are three common methods for completing the job.

1. Rent a Bucket Truck

The typical industry solution is to rent a bucket truck to reach the high sign and make it possible to take measurements by hand. However, this can be an expensive and potentially dangerous method.

The cost of renting a bucket truck varies based on variables such as the rental company and how high the boom reaches. On average, however, the price of bucket truck rentals ranges from about $75 to $250 per hour, not including fuel and insurance costs.

Also, working with heavy machinery can result in injury from falls or other accidents. So, while this may be the most obvious way to measure a high sign, it may not be the best.

2. Measure From the Ground

Another option is to measure the sign from the ground by comparing it to an object of known height. Sign companies that find truck rental cost-prohibitive or would prefer to avoid the hassle and the risks might choose to do this.

This method is possible for determined individuals. However, it is much more challenging to estimate the sign’s size, which can cause critical errors down the road.

Customers depend on sign companies for accurate size assessments, which are much harder to take when trying to measure something high up by using surrounding objects as references.

3. Use Spike for Your Measurements

Spike is a Bluetooth laser measuring device that your sign company can use to accurately size signs that are too high to reach. It connects to your mobile device and uses the camera to take a picture of the sign in question. From there, it provides accurate data measurements.

This method is more effective when measuring high signs for several reasons:

  • It is cost-effective: You can purchase Spike with one payment instead of renting bucket trucks for every high sign.
  • It is safe: You and your team can avoid the dangers of heavy equipment by doing everything from a safe distance.
  • It offers better ROI: Most professionals who try Spike find that the device pays for itself in just three to five uses.

Spike is a cheaper, safer and more accurate way to measure signs. Contact us to learn more about how Spike can help you!

Spike is available for SmartphonesTablets, and is even compatible with the OtterBox uniVERSE case system. Purchase your Spike today!

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