Spike App Release: June 2016

27 June 2016

We recently released a new update to the Spike app for iOS version 1.13. Below you will find information about what’s new in this release and how to access the related support documents.

Save a Spike Photo to Your Photos App

You now have the option to save the original Spike photo, which is the photo without measurements, to the Photos app on your Apple iOS smartphone or tablet. This is ideal if you need access to a nonmeasured photo for importing into other applications, such as Photoshop, or for adding into reports and documents.

To turn on this option, select Settings from the main menu, scroll to the Configuration section, and then toggle on Save to Photos.

Draw Perfect Rectangles

When measuring the area of a rectangle, you can lock the rectangle ratio so that all four sides remain fixed while you draw the rectangle. This makes it easier to ensure that your rectangle remains a rectangle with equal parallel sides as you position it. You can also lock the rectangle ratio for additional areas using the Cutout tool.

When you reach the area and length measurements step, tap on the More button and select Lock Rectangle Ratio. Then, draw your rectangle or additional rectangles. You may select Unlock Rectangle Ratio at any time.

Select All

When viewing the photos in the Gallery, you have the option to select all of the photos in a folder to either upload to your Spike Cloud account, move the photos to another folder or delete the photos.
Access the Gallery from the main menu. Then, tap Select and Select All in order to select all of the photos in that folder.

New Supported Devices

With this release Spike now supports the 12-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE.

Technical Support

For questions about this latest update or to contact customer support, please visit the Spike Support Center here.

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