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An Essential Solution for Sign Measurements & Estimations

Spike was named the International Sign Association's Product of the Year and is now used by more than 5,000 signage professionals nationwide.

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Quick and Easy Site Survey Measurements

Spike is a smart laser measurement solution that allows you to measure and estimate signs faster, simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, you can estimate the height, width, and area of an existing sign or the location for a new sign. Signage professionals also use Spike to measure everything from install heights and setbacks, to the total available frontage.

How to Measure a Sign Area Using Spike

The Spike outdoor laser distance measurer makes it easy to measure signs for structures of any size or shape. All you need is an Apple or Android mobile device to get started:

  • Select your model: Different models are available for smartphone or tablet use. We also offer a third option designed in partnership with OtterBox® for smartphones protected by their durable uniVERSE case system. All models work the same — the only difference is how they attach to your preferred device.
  • Connect your device: We developed a free app that you can download to control your equipment. You’ll also create a Spike Cloud account. Spike Cloud is where you can find all your saved data, make changes, create reports and much more.
  • Take your measurements: With Spike, you can leave the ladders, measuring tape and bucket truck back at the shop. This system lets you take accurate measurements from up to 600 feet away — all you have to do is take a few photos from the ground.
  • Record your data: The app uploads data whenever you’re connected to the cloud, allowing real-time access to data from multiple locations. You can enter and adjust dimensions there on the spot or save them to edit later.
  • Share the results: With Spike, you get professional measurement reports you can share internally or with clients, helping you quote sign jobs faster to secure more bids. You can export your results as PDFs, JPGs, shared URLs or in several other compatible formats.
  • Access saved data: All your past projects are stored online in your account. If you need to reference them to make changes or add measurements, you can quickly pull them up and get the job done without going back to the project site.


Why You Should Care About Spike

You don’t want to work the job to win the job! You shouldn’t have to invest time and equipment upfront on a site survey before you’ve won the job. Use Spike to estimate the job, and then once you’ve won the job, go back and collect precise measurements for production.

Spike’s Photo Measurement accuracy is ± 1%, which means you’ll have good measurement accuracy for an estimate. And you’ll be able to turnaround your quote faster, and increase customer confidence by including a Spike photo record.

If you save on average $200 per bucket truck trip for a site survey, your ROI on Spike is an impressive 3-5 uses. Spike is affordably priced at $499.

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Additional Benefits of Using Spike to Measure Signs

Spike helps you accomplish more using the staff and equipment you already have. This laser measuring tool for outdoor signage delivers valuable benefits that businesses of any size can take advantage of, including:

  • Improving safety: Spike outdoor laser distance measures eliminate the need to use a ladder, vertical lift or bucket truck to reach challenging areas. You can get all the data you need without leaving the ground.
  • Reducing overhead: Using Spike and a tablet or smartphone, a single person can collect, adjust, record and submit site data. With real-time access to necessary info, you can quote sign jobs faster to secure more bids.
  • Saving time: With Spike, anyone can gather all the measurements you need just by taking a few photos with a mobile device. There’s no equipment to set up, and you can trust your results for first-time accuracy.


Key Features

  • Once you’ve taken a photo, you can measure whenever you are ready. So you can capture your photo and then move onto your next site and customer, and measure later back at the office.
  • Correct for angles. We recognize that you have to take your photo from a vertical and/or horizontal angle. Spike enables you to correct the perspective, ensuring more accurate measurements.
  • Measure using the Spike app, or upload the photo to the Spike Cloud and measure from your desktop.
  • Take as many measurements as you need, from a single photo. Measure the full facia area and then the area for your sign.
  • Measure any shape, by adding or deleting points. From triangles to octagons and more.
  • Export a JPG to use for your designs and permit applications.
  • From the Spike Cloud, you can export a 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected image, and use that image in Adobe Illustrator, Flexi, or CorelDRAW.

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Learn More About Measuring Signs Using Spike

Spike is an award-winning mobile measurement solution, and the ikeGPS team can help you get set up with everything you need to change the way you bid and plan commercial signage design and installation. Spike is also supported by a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee and a one-year product warranty.

Contact our team to get more information, call 1-844-4-IKEGPS (Extension #1), or browse our online store!

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$499 USD
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Introducing Spike

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“I would say in the past six months that Spike has saved us hundreds of hours and paid for itself many times over.”

Ryan Caiin

Branch Manager for St. George, Utah

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