Spike Told in Pictures: Tape Measure

7 January 2016

That awkward moment when the tape measure hits you on the head. (Photo courtesy of ikeGPS)

Have you ever been stuck conducting a site survey with just a tape measure? Initially, all seems to go well. The tape measure slowly makes its way to the survey area. And then …
Whomp, whomp. The space is too far up for a tape measure to reach, and it collapses mid-way, bopping you on the head. Even worse, your client watches the whole incident unfold, and you feel downright clumsy. Sure, you could have used a ladder, but ladders are a safety hazard, especially in this rocky landscape. Bucket trucks could have been an option if they didn’t burn your wallet.
Spike measurement
Look how easy capturing measurements is with Spike. (Photo courtesy ikeGPS)

Awkward with little dignity in tact, you wish there were a better way to get those measurements you need and impress your client. But, wait, there is a better way.
Spike, a laser measurement solution, attaches to your smartphone or tablet, and with a click of a picture, you can capture all the measurements you need with both feet firmly on the ground. The measurements are saved with the Spike photo and can be shared with customers, co-workers, designers or production team. You can use those photos with measurements to create job estimates and reports, design mockups and assess conditions. If additional measurements are needed, you can refer to your saved Spike photos at any time to make modifications via the Spike mobile app or cloud-based tools. There’s no need to return to the site for further measurements or estimations.
Fact: Spike makes you look more professional. (Photo courtesy ikeGPS)

And look how sleek you look. Your client is sure to be impressed.
To improve your measurement process, learn more about Spike here.

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