Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Ladder for Spike

7 July 2016

Did you know that there’s an easier, safer way to get the measurements you need for your estimates and reports? Spike, a laser measurement solution, allows you to capture all the measurements you need while keeping your feet planted on the ground at a safe distance.

Think twice before you haul your ladder out into the field for your next field survey.

1. Ladders are awkward, heavy and time consuming to use.

Let’s perform a quick test. Grab your ladder and lug it to the nearest building. Plant the ladder on an even surface, secure any safety locks and inspect the ladder for any damage. After the ladder is seemingly secure, climb up and try to balance yourself while holding your tape measure steady in all directions.

Now, pick up your Spike and stand 100 feet from the building where you can get accurate measurements. Turn on your Spike and take a photo with Spike and your smartphone or tablet. That’s it. You’re ready to move on to the next job site.

So which was easier? We’ll wait. You’re probably still fumbling with the ladder.

2. You can capture measurements on your own.

If you’re flying solo in the field, capturing measurements on a ladder is problematic. Those shaky ladders need an extra person to help stabilize your trip to the top, which means bringing more manpower in the field. And if your site survey takes a turn for the worse with a dangerous fall, no one is there to call for medical help.

However, with Spike, no spotting is required. Rather than bringing two people in the field, you can split up and conquer more surveys in a day. Now that’s just smart business.

3. You don’t have to worry about tricky landscaping or busy walkways.

Rocks, shrubs and flowers along a building’s façade may look pretty, but they make safely planting a ladder impossible. In other instances, the survey area might be above a busy building entrance. You certainly don’t want to park your ladder in front of a constant stream people traffic with opening doors that could knock you from your perch.

That’s not a problem with Spike. Simply step out of traffic or away from that fancy landscaping, and you can still capture any measurement you need.

4. Ladders are dangerous.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ladder falls are one of the most common causes of occupational fatalities and injuries. Spike eliminates all of those risks and keeps you safely planted on the ground.

And let’s not even bring up the dangers of using a ladder in bad weather. Combine wind with your ladder and tape measure, and you’re likely to put off your site survey until the weather improves, or just guess. Why not be safe and efficient with Spike?

5. You can travel in fuel-efficient vehicles.

Driving an oversize truck to haul a ladder can be a pain, especially in the city. That truck is a gas guzzler, and finding parking in tight city spaces defies physics. Sure, you have a more economical vehicle for city driving, but it isn’t large enough to carry that bulky ladder.

With Spike, you can leave that massive truck at home. Tuck Spike in your pocket, hop in your budget-friendly sedan, and you’re ready to go. Heck, you can travel by scooter and still get the measurements you need with Spike.

Ready to ditch that pesky ladder? We figured. Not only are you safer with Spike but you’re also more efficient. Talk about a win-win. To learn more about capturing measurements the safe way, visit our Spike page.

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