Commercial Field Services

An indispensable measurement & estimation solution for field measurements

Spike is for any application requiring the inspection, assessment, and reporting of features

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Quick and Easy Site Survey Measurements

Spike is a smart laser measurement solution that allows you to measure and estimate signs faster, simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, you can estimate the height, width, and area of an existing sign or the location for a new sign. Signage professionals also use Spike to measure everything from install heights and setbacks, to the total available frontage.

Measuring is the Achilles’ Heel for Many Professionals

Field measurements can be costly, time-consuming, hard, and sometimes not safe. Spike is designed for measuring existing structures, both for exteriors and interiors, making it ideal for assessments, and remodeling and renovation projects.

Save valuable time and money by measuring without additional equipment like scaffolding or lifts. Lead safer field operations, since your staff can measure objects from a safe distance without accessing the site. No return trips are needed for additional or missed measurements, because measurements are saved with the Spike photo and can be remeasured at any time.

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Common Field Applications for Spike

  • Facilities Management
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Window Film

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Industry Partners

  • OtterBox
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  • HpWorkExpertFSM
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  • No maintenance fees

  • Quick ROI

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Introducing Spike

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“Spike easily saves me 2-3 hours of time on larger buildings, and 30-60 minutes on smaller buildings.”

Scott Mueller

Historic Preservation Assessment Technician
Boulder County Parks and Open Space

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