Spike App Release: January 2016

13 January 2016

We recently released a new update to the Spike app for iOS (version 1.10.0). Below you will find information about what’s new in this release and how to access the related support documents.

Introducing Point-to-Point (iOS only)

With our new Point-to-Point feature, you can now use Spike to measure the distance between two points. Simply aim Spike at an object, such as the side of a house, and take a photo. Then, aim at your second object, such as a tree or fence, and take a photo. Spike then calculates the distance between those two objects. In addition to the linear distance measurement, Spike also calculates the vertical and horizontal components of that distance to provide the slope and angle between the two targets.

Use the Point-to-Point feature when you need to determine the distance between two objects. For example, to measure the distance between:

  • The side of a house and a nearby tree.
  • A store front and a sign in the parking lot.
  • The side of a highway and a light pole.
  • A utility line and a tree.
  • The ground up to the roof line of a house.

When additional measurements are required, such as area, use the Photo Measure feature instead of Point-to-Point.

Technical Support

To learn more about Point-to-Point, review the following articles in the Spike Support Center:

Note: Point-to-Point is optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6S series and may not be as accurate on other devices.

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